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My last post about Hatred pissed some people off. Most people seemed to not give a crap either way, but some it pissed off.  It is completely their right to be pissed off. I got some notes, responded, thought a bit and decided what I did was wrong. I shouldn't have made that last post about Hatred. 

Ok, seriously, I'm gonna set the tone here. I don't want you to think this is gonna be one long middle finger to those people who disagreed with me. It's not. It is what I honestly think creative freedom is and what it shouldn't be. But first, I think alot of the problem with the last post and more importantly, whats wrong with the whole issue of creative freedom in general, is a problem of subtlety. I was making a lot of statements and ideas that were, first of all jokes, and then secondly required a sense of subtlety; which is always the first thing to die on the internet. It's not the internet's fault. It's literally a medium of black and white ( text). When you read something you agree with, you nod your head and go. " YUP, I LIKE THIS." and of course when you read something you don't like you shake your head.  .  . and call them everything you can think of right at that second. Regardless of if they meant it as a joke or irony or whatever. ( I'm actually not calling anyone out, this is literally how the internet works.)

SO, to combat this little issue of subtlety I've come up with a brilliant solution. You may have noticed that certain sections of this journal have been Bold and Italic . Those are jokes. In those statements I'm mostly just saying something I think is funny and doesn't actually matter. In the spirit of our new understanding I've titled this entry.  .  .  . 


(see what I did there? Tee Hee! )

First of all, I loves me some creative freedom. As I mentioned, I was around in the crap old days ( the 90's) when it seemed like everyone and their publicly elected dog was trying to take games away from us. Fast forward to now : they didn't. We won.  The only time we don't get to play a game we want is when it comes out in Japan and publishers think it'll tank over here, and even that doesn't happen much any more ( in the case of Xenoblade or Pandora's Tower)

So all in all it's a pretty great time to be creative, but the point I was trying to make with the last post was:  that now, with games like Hatred, we're getting into that area of " because we can" logic. Which I think is a big ol' bag of fried horse cocks. ( isn't this fun?! :D)

I don't know about you but when I look at people in "open carry" states, getting ice cream with a 9mm attatched to their hip, the first thing that goes though my mind is, " uhhh, yeah dude, you CAN do that, but , honestly, should you?" And inevitably the argument to that question , some might say almost without thinking, is , " IT IS MAH RIGHT AS A AMERI-" yeah, yeah, we get the idea. IMO I'ts black and white logic with zero middle ground, and it serves something dumb just as badly as it serves something good. 

And that basically is the point I was trying very loudly and hilariously  ( see! it's a joke! :D) to make. Yeah, you can make a game about a psycho shooting up town filled with random innocent people begging for their lives, but A: isn't it kinda a dick move to the families of the people who've gone through something like that? B' maybe it's not gonna make the next Sandy Hook murderer, but it's sure as shit not gonna say something meaningful or relevant about terrible events like those. And C, what the balls ass titties is wrong with you?!? To me, creative freedom without any kind of thought or scrutiny is just as dangerous as us having none at all. Because what is the line then? Are you telling me so long as it's done in a creative medium you can do anything? As I said in the last post, should a studio be able to make a rape simulator? Or a child pornography sim? If you're asking me, hell no you shouldn't. Comedian Jim Jeffereys has a whole bit about gun control and in it he says, " we have to walk as slow as our slowest person to keep society moving." which basically means some things should not be allowed to some people because some people are friggin nuts.   

That's what creative freedom is to me; It is, and should be, a tug of war not a absolute massacre. No one side should win absolutely. We should all think. With our brain minds. About each piece of media that is out there and how we feel about it. Not just toss a blanket on the whole subject and be like " Well I don't wanna mess with creative freedom so this must be ok"  There should be discussions, and thoughts, but also, when the time requires, action and consequences. I still think that game should get taken off steam. If more people disagree with me and do something about it then boom, I'm wrong. The system works, and everything is fine. However if MORE people agree with me and simply didn't do anything, like write a letter, or whatever then it's not working and we ( or more specifically you) should do something about it. What I said in the last post was me having a laugh trying to get other people who felt the same way to do something about it. 

And most importantly I get to make these comments and statements because I can say what ever the titty ass farting lubed up porcupine I want!!

You know why?

Creative Freedom.  

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Chuck Pires
Artist | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: New York ( no, not the interesting part. . .)
Print preference: Only cool ones!!
Favourite genre of music: metal
Favourite photographer: I feel that photographs promotes nakedness and the stealing of old people's souls.
Favourite style of art: Soft, colorful and cartoony
Operating System: windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Mah phone! >:D
Shell of choice: ehhhhhh.......................... wut?
Wallpaper of choice: usually something from a game.
Personal Quote: If you never do anything, you never do anything wrong.


She Venom Comish by chuck-piresART
She Venom Comish
Another commish for the very easy to work with :iconmercutio19: . Had a lot of fun, but I've said it before some pieces come easy others just fight you tooth and nail. Anywho I'm happy with it right now. 
More alternate versions on the way. 

Also this will probably be my first Patreon installment. Once I have the video complete I'll be posting it up.

Thank you for your interest and support!

drawn and colored with photoshop cs 5 and my wacom companion.
Danni Stone commish

Here's another commish I did recently, this one for the very patient and easy to work with :icondanni-stone: . They are Yami which is from Yu gi oh, while Teana is :iconyamigirl21: 's original character! people always say, " just do whatever you think will look good". Usually they don't actually mean it. It's not a knock against these people, it's just usually how these things play out. This was not one of those times, lol. She honestly let me do whatever the crap I wanted. I usually like these kind of jobs, but after completing the piece I realized I've just gotten so used to notes they've honestly become a part of my process. Especially the notes from personal commisions since they are just about never without merit.

The piece itself pretty much came out how I'd Imagined in my head, which is always nice. I'm not gonna lie, for this one I wanted to take the "thick lines, and crazy colors " thing I'd been tinkering with to it's logical extreme, and I feel pretty sure I got that crap done. 


drawn and colored with photoshop cs 5 and a wacom companion Thank you for looking!!
Serg-Natos comishy by chuck-piresART
Serg-Natos comishy
Hey ohhhhhh! This was a commission for :iconserg-natos: of a character of his. This was fun to do because I feel like my "dude work" has really gone to the crap from drawing girls all the time. BUT DON'T WORRY DA PALS I SWEAR SOME BIG HOT TITTIES ARE COMING YOUR WAY SOON!! AH SWAR!!! 

Halloween makes me happy and sad :( I just remember Halloween through kid goggles. I just remember dressing up, looking awesome and having a freaking blast. As an adult there's not a whole lot of socially acceptable ways to enjoy Halloween. Either you enjoy it by watching your kids enjoy it, or your a weirdo. Like me. 

One thing that has really put me int the Halloween spirit is Fevre Dream by Georgre R.R. Martin ( oh shut up, I read other authors too!!) I really wish it was a show, it would be super pointy titties awesome. Tried to watch Penny Dreadful, I'm sorry, that show is supper floppy titties bad.  It has all these awesome monsters and legends and it gives you the most shit version of them. I got to the part where they introduced you to Frankenstein's monnster, a pauchy dum dum who can't stop crying and I was like Ok, eff you show.  

There's so much entertainment like that. Van Helsing, Underworld , League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ( ok that last one's pretty ok.(( Also, I don't have to list Twilight, right? I mean, we're all on board that that's doesn't need to be said. ) But these things have awesome premises (except Twilight ), yet they just cannot stick that landing.

You might say, " OK A HOLE, YOUR GONNA DUMP ON MY UNDERWORLD ( I stand by how shit those movies are) LET'S HEAR WHAT YOU THINK IS AN AWESOME MONSTER MOVIE!!!". The answer is.  .  .  . 

I'll tell you Saturday! ;D  

This piece was created in Photoshop Cs 5 with a Wacom companion. THANK YOU FOR LOOKING!
Endgame by chuck-piresART
Drew this a while ago and been working on it while decompressing from other things and now it's done! More experimenting with styles :O This is mostly based on my wife, except she's wearing things my wife would never wear and my wife is not cyborg. Didn't really put much thought into it just drew stuff I like. 


Drawn and painted with photoshop cs5 an mah Wacom companion 
Summah Tame by chuck-piresART
Summah Tame
More characters from the Faye universe courtesy of it's creator Kane Provis. I ended up enjoying doing this one and I'm pretty pleased with the final result.  I've wanted to move my work more in this direction for a while and it feels good to be doing it. I'd been thinking of incorporating more lines into my work, I had avoided doing this for a long time for the sake of chasing a more "impressive" look with my work. But unfortunately that kind of work isn't a whole lot of fun to make, for me anyway. I like crazy colors and fat lines. So I'm experimenting. Hope you guys dig it!

Drawn and colored in Photoshop cs 5 with a Wacom Companion

Commissions are still open 

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Man, really thanks for watching. It's an honor :)
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Love your style. It's remind me so much Joe Mad. Guess it's a huge influence for you. Great stuff !!!. Already in my watch list.
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Didn't you have a drawing that was called "Waking as Faye", or something along those lines? Just curious. I could have sworn it was you.
chuck-piresART Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015   Digital Artist
Probably. I don't super duper remember what I called named them, but I did have a few more Faye pictures in my gallery that I took down because they were a little risqué.

I'm planning on using them for a project in the future. Thanks for the interest!
tg-an Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015
Yeah, this one was pretty risqué. It was Faye, in bed, doing... things...
It was one of my favorites, I'm happy to hear it (and others) will be coming back!
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amazing coloring work, man! very inspiring. keep up the amazing art
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You know what man, i always wanted you were the one who make the art of the game: Marvel vs Capcom 2 back in 1998. your art was a total inspiration and really well done, all the posses, themes and stuff that you do in some comics like the X-men comic of Oslaught was amazing. Keep it up man!!!
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Damn man I love your work! Do you have any tutorials?
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