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Dear lords and ladies of the internet,

Sup? I hope everyone is well, and enjoying things I enjoy. If not, then eff you stupid! JK (kinda).
But for seriously you guys, I wanted to give a digital shout out to :icontonywash: He's got a very gnarly kick starter going on for his new comic project Flurry, which I first thought was a comic about mcflurries from McDonald's, a book I've been waiting for all of my adult life to be made, but it turns out it's about something much less like that- SO GO TAKE A LOOK!…

The art looks freaking awesome so I'll be backing this asap.

The other order of business is I'm increasing the prices of backgrounds on commissions. I often forget How long they take to do, not so much the drawing but the coloring, so here we are.
Other than that keep on keeping on and keep it on - blah, I don't care about this ending sentence. 




Thank you! ;D

There's been some questions about pricing, so to (hopefully) avoid confusion, I've made this nifty pricing diagram to help you understand how I'm pricing things for these holiday commissions. Some things are cheaper, some things are more costly, but I like what I have here at the moment. 

I'm going to do one round of 3 pieces to start and then I might increase prices ( they're not getting any lower) after that. 

Obviously the solo character rates are just that. If your planning on just getting one single colored character, that's what you're going to pay. If you're adding additional characters to a commission the prices on the left apply. 

As for the process of the commissions. As of right now: you tell me what you're interested in getting, I do a few very quick pose sketches, you pick one, and then pay the first half of the total bill. I would like to keep it this way, but there has been a couple people who've gotten sketches and then taken off. If this continues I'm going to ask people to start paying half in advance before I do any sketches. 

After that, I'll finish the linework, this usually takes about a week. After you have Ok'ed the linework, It's time for the final half of the bill to be paid. After that, I send you the final image and adjust things as needed before I send you the Hi rez. 

If you have any questions, shoot them my way, but please look at the pricing diagram before you do. Thanks!

Price Guidelines by chuck-piresART

Commissions completed!

:icontriple34: done!
:iconplopinou: done!
:icontmasongilbert: done!
:iconandronicusvii:  done!
:iconguru-gamer: done!

Current slots:

1: :iconbashfullyshameless: 45% final lines phase
2: open!
3: open!


Chuck Pires
Artist | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: New York ( no, not the interesting part. . .)
Print preference: Only cool ones!!
Favourite genre of music: metal
Favourite photographer: I feel that photographs promotes nakedness and the stealing of old people's souls.
Favourite style of art: Soft, colorful and cartoony
Operating System: windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Mah phone! >:D
Shell of choice: ehhhhhh.......................... wut?
Wallpaper of choice: usually something from a game.
Personal Quote: If you never do anything, you never do anything wrong.


run away by chuck-piresART
run away
Many sketches at various times all just jumbled together. Yeah I don't do a lot of black and white sketches. Mostly because I usually want something to color at the time and i don't like coloring other peoples work. 
Thanks for looking! 

All sketches done with my wacom companion and adobe photoshop cs5
Arkam Harley by chuck-piresART
Arkam Harley
I'm not a super fan of the Arkam redesigns, some of them are great, some of them I'm not super into. For the first couple games Harley was on the " not so much" side, but the arkam knight redesign I like a whole lot so I thought I'd kinda take some of my favorite bits of the redesigns and mash em up. just a simple little piece. Tempted to call it a sketch, but, a sketch that's finished if that makes any sense. o___O

Yeah I made her boobs kinda silly big. lol I'm sorry feminists!!

A while ago I stumbled on to a feminists site mostly pertaining to how women are portrayed in media. The article was ripping the shit out of Hyung Tae Kim and his gigantic gravity defying boobs and adult bearing hips. So naturally I live in fear of the day the feminists come for me, tear my work to ribbons and tell my wife and mother what a bastard I am.  Jokes on you, bitches! They already know!

Honestly I drew this piece because I wanted to paint her face. lol I love throwing a light shadow on a light color and tossing a bunch of darks to make it pop.

Mostly killing time waiting for BloodBorne to get here. I'm so effing pumped for that crap!! I've been in a self imposed Bloodborne media blackout. I've seen the first screenshots from Sony Experience and literally that was it. it's all gonna be new to me. Now that I'm thinking about it I prolly should'a done a bloodborne piece :C

Whateves! Thanks for looking homies commission slots are still open!

Drawn and colored in Photoshop CS 5 with a wacom companion 
Breath of Fire Lazy Day by chuck-piresART
Breath of Fire Lazy Day
Commission Slots still open!

Lordy this one took a while. Some pieces come together near effortlessly, others fight you tooth and nail. This was the latter. I started it a while ago and decided to finish it up. Normally it's not really the kind of work I do, but after trying like 20 different "action" poses, I landed on this instead. I wanted it to feel more organic than my other pieces. No straight lines, more flowey. To that end I think I sucseeded. Maybe too much :$

But yes Nina and Ryu from breath of fire 3 one of my favorite games! They're just hanging out I imagine after a battle :B

Thanks for looking!

Drawn and painted in Photoshop cs5 with a Wacom companion.
Lizzy by chuck-piresART
Commission slots open!

I felt like doing a small scale pic of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infanite. Yes! I'm aware! Doing a pic of her at this point is kind of like showing up to a Christmas party in a halloween costume, but whateves! Mostly I just wanted to color those pretty .  .  .  colors. Not that I didn't like the game. The setting and story is freaking awesome.  That game really snuck up on me. I was mostly playing it out of sheer boredom. I mean honestly, its a pull you around by your nose shooter. Some games do that whole thing better than others. Half Life is the freaking king of it. I always know what I'm doing and why. In bioshock, it's totally optional to know what the crap is going on. Like I say, it is a good game, but I honestly didn't realize it until the end. The end is freaking awesome and retroactively makes the game that came before awesome. 

So yeah, thank you for looking! 

drawn and colored with Adobe photoshop Cs5 and a Wacom Companion 
Poor Man's Hero by chuck-piresART
Poor Man's Hero
Commission SLOTS OPEN!

This was a fun one to do :D This commission is for Elliot Kay, noted author of Rich Man's War and Poor Man's fight. Here we have his protagonist Tanner Malone enduring the harsh soldiers life. You can check them out here…

This is another one that came out very close to how I'd imagined it. Used my newer blending method I've used on the last few pieces. More emphasis on shadows, which makes the work flow so much more easily.  I'm happy with it :D The last few pieces I've done have felt like everything is finally clicking into place. Anyway let me know what you think!

Oh for anyone who likes a good metroidvania, Castle In The Darkness is really kind of amazing. It's just an extremely solid game. It pushes you to get better in ways very few games do. Like I say, if you miss the days that games required more than just patience for their crappy design, check it out. 

Blah.  .  . So I should prolly get on tumbler and instagram and all that malarkey, huh? BOOO new things are so hard.  .  .  . D:

Drawn and painted with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and a Wacom Companion 

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very good bro amazing work
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Some Badass shit you got in your gallery, man! 
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Man i really like your style :D Keep it up !!!
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Happy New Year.  Thank you for sharing your amazing art with us!
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I have some realy important questions!!!
1) How can you be Chuck Pires & David Grier at the same time??0o
& if you not (and some of those names is just a nickname), then why your signature is so different?
2) What's your IRL name? I just wanna show some of your work to people. And now I don't know, to which of the names attributed honors... T.T
3) Did you created some amazing Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover artwork? The one of a kind... The Masterpiece!! Is it belongs to your talanted brush or it was some another talanted artist??
P.S. Man, it's REALY important!!^^ Thnx btw
chuck-piresART Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014   Digital Artist
David Grier was a funny looking folk guitar player I was really into when I was younger. Not sure why I used that as my deviant handle. Seemed funny to me at the time for some reason. My real name is Chuck Pires.

I did a green ranger pic a lifetime ago, but I think I know the piece your talking about. It was drawn by another artist but colored by me a while back.

Thanks for the interest!
DanteFromHell Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014
Your welcome!!^^ You deserve it))
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